The Hogget

Country Pub



We pride ourselves on offering you the type of experience that sums up what is great about proper British pubs - lovely ales & interesting lagers, new and old world wines and of course great food in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Meet for an informal lunch, a birthday dinner perhaps or a relaxing glass of wine -  maybe just a satisfying Sunday Roast....


Of course, there are 'Fine Dining' establishments as well as 'Pub Grub' places up and down the country but what we want when we go out to a pub like ours is proper food made with really good ingredients, cooked well by chefs who care about the food they put on a plate. In other words, good home-cooked food that ticks most, if not all the boxes.


We want you to come back time and time again, not just for Anniversary's and Birthday's (although lots of people do) but when you can't be bothered to cook on a Wednesday night, or when you want to take your parents out to say thankyou for getting you through Uni, or maybe celebrating a new job! In other words, whatever the occasion, we want you to come time and time again and enjoy great food.


Our approach to cooking is simple. Our chefs are passionate about what they do and although they're a really skilled bunch, they like to cook food that they want to eat themselves. It's that simple!


If you or any of your party have any specific dietary requirements then please let us know when you book your table so we can discuss what we can do.

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